Sunday, March 9, 2014

Don't step the white tile! - Review

So... Don't step the white tile is a game that most people would brush off. I downloaded it, and played it for a bit. It wasn't anything special, but for some reason I didn't remove it from my phone. SO me and my friends are at subway, and I ask them if they want to play a game on my phone. I show them Don't step the white tile, and immediately one of my friends breaks m record. Not giving him the title so easily, I grab my phone back and beat his time. He does the same and beats my time.

Next thing we know my phone is being passed around my friends, each one of us trying to be the record. Alone is was just any game but with friends it made it into a competition.

I would totally recommend for download. It is a a fun game to play with friends. It is also fun to watch them cry as they're thumbs start to bleed.

Right now I hold the record with my friends. Try to beat.

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