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So the games will usually be on the right hand side. If you press CTRL + F a box will appear somewhere on your browser. It depends on what browser you are. All you have to do is type in the name of the game you want and it will take you the link to that games page. Just click on it and enjoy!

Also please be sure to send me games, that you might need help on. I'll make the guide super fast, and super easy to understand. Thank you.

There should be a contact bar on the bottom of this page.
I also hate to be that guy that tell you to pause ad-block while you are here on on my YouTube page. I don't use ads with annoying sounds, or ads that load before a video. The only way for me to keep affording this is ad-block is paused while you are her.

If you feel super generous please feel free to donate. It will help me afford games to write reviews about. Thank you

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